What I do say

What can I say

To make you display

A passion for Poetry

The linguistic Geometry


I can read you tale

That could leave you pale

Or cite a Sonnet

That could make you vomit


An epic for adventurous mood

A ballad while you chew your food

A canto for the musical type

A Stanza for the lover's gripe


But if you go

You'll never know

The Raven knocking at your door

Or the Ferryman waiting at the shore


To carry on the faithless souls

Like goats across a bridge of Trolls

Or whished away on Titania's wings

Like the fall of ancient kings


A picture is worth a thousand words

But a Bard can name a thousand birds

Sun and stars are in his grasp

Like that of a vemonless asp


So tell why you don't care

To spin a rhyme or sing a prayer

I'm all ears for my poetic peers

But I will spare some time for your sneers


So as I said

Poetry is read

With body and mind

You'll surely find


A poem that will make you appreciate

What we poets create

And take it up too

And discover a poet in you.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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