What I Care About!


I don't need all this fancy math,

I am on a certain path.

Thanks for telling me a day in advance,

Jeezz!!! At least give me a chance.

Don't expect me to number crutch,

Without my calculator and such.

I don't have a genius mind,

Dear, are you blind?

I don't need all this information from the past,

What you tell me is kinda vast.

Don't expect me to be glad,

All this information makes me sad.

Your attitude makes me sick,

An attitude that needs a kick.

If you can't say anything nice,

Maybe, you should think twice.

Don't need to learn about rocks,

I rather watch the clocks.

Do me a favor and lower your voice?

I don't want a headache that's my choice.

You all expect us to everything done,

In the early morning sun.

I would love to see you try,

You might just cry and ask why?
















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