What I am...Being, Having Feeling, and My Purpose (Scholarship slam)




What I am…Being, having feeling, and my Purpose.

I...I am many things…
I am small, but I have a heart bigger than the sun.
I am an artist, I love to draw you know.
I am a hopeless romantic, I’m a classic girl in a world of modern men
I am a musician, if you want to hear my soul, listen to my song.
Hear the notes play and ring in a melodic way evoking emotions and producing sound waves in only a way that I can do.

But, I am also human.
No, no I’m not just a member of the species human and of the female sex.
I am a breathing human
Full of life even though I may feel dead sometimes

I bleed when I am cut
And I stumble, quite often actually.
I cry when I’m hurt
And I rage when I’m mad.

I’ve looked to the light and I’ve learned…
I’m not the object or a conquest of someone
I am not a toy to be played with
I am not a puppet to be controlled
I am not an ATM
I am not something you can use
That when it’s not needed anymore
You just simply throw away like trash

I am so much more than that.
And so are you

The world is a large place
And to think every single person is different.
Yet society pushes for only one kind of person. A person suited to their views.
But everyone’s views are different…
Therefore making such a goal stupid and pointless.

Don’t waste your life fighting over little things.
Don’t waste your breath.
Enjoy life and do something with it.

I am me.
I am human.
I am wonderful.
I am beautiful.

I have a purpose.
So do you, so go find it.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 


Thank you very much! :)

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