What Humanity Means (To Me)

Isn't it amazing what we, as a species, have come to accomplish? I just have to look out the window and I'm astonished. see civilization, compounds of life and matter crafted by our miraculous and one of a kind consciousness, in a realm that has existed far beyond our measly time on its surface; it's mesmerizing, it's marvelous. Even our bodies are extraordinary, almost alien to this earthly region, or anything else that lies beyond the curtain. Humanity, even the definition of sanity began thanks to the complete happenstance that our path of evolution led us to becoming complex life forms. From eukaryotic cells to avoiding prison cells, from church bells, to neurotic, angry, grumpy spells, we've come such a long way. We create life by living life, and we've evolved the capabilities of life, living, simply existing to intense, immense, immersive levels that it's become desensitizing and hope draining for some of us. The thumbs we've grown, all the stuff we know and create, it's too great, we've too much on our plates, and it sucks being bummed and not wanting to entertain some dumb ideal that the numbness we feel will reveal some truer aspect of the life we lust over like hogging a home cooked meal. I kneel before you, humanity; you have made your purely coincidental gift of life amazing to a point that I can barely fathom, and then, in regrettable fashion, taken advantage of yourself out of paranoia and passion. 

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Our world
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