What Healthy Relationship Means to Us

To define a healthy relationship is to describe red to a blind man.

You can try as long as you wish, but it's up to him if he understands. 

Perhaps he can tell you what red is to him, but how do you understand?

You two can pester as long as you please, but red is still red.

As simple as red is a color, how can you both understand? 

It isn't the color to understand, but each other. 

This is how a relationship is healthy, understanding one another. 

What is healthy to one, may not be healthy to another. 

Understand what color is to a blind man,

And understand how to feel color. 

When two people come together to understand something together, 

You don't understand the color, you understand each other. 

When one with sight can feel to be blind, he learns to feel. 

When one without sight can feel their eyes, he learns to see. 

A healthy relationship is a relationship where everyone understands one another.  


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