What Has Happnd

Thu, 11/21/2013 - 20:11 -- mrphhgn


Funny how vn th systm who grads us on it gts it wrong isn’t it?
Things larnd in an hour must b prfct th night of.
A ranking in th “ral world” droppd in an instant for lack of rcognition of concpt.
So th studnt bcoms sn as a littl bit mor of a sophomoric individual who dosnt know his own dirction in lif.
All bcaus of what? Finding x? larning what in God’s nam th nd bhavior of a graph is?
Who vn cars about what happnd to Casar as according to “ Y old cannabis addict”?
Th nd of this country could b it’s bginning if it larns right.
So I propos th E.
E as in every child does what he can to the best of their abilities.
E as in Egads! Why in the world does Shakespeare mean a thing in this world?
E as in every stupid little meaningless co-efficient and subscript is null and void when you leave this bubble that we call home.
E as in every parabola means the equivalent of dust when we are gone and the next holders of the American dream take our seats.
E as in effort is where it matters. Where letters on the report card don’t stand for understanding, but instead, shows how much effort is put in.
E as in everyone.
At least.


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