What is happiness - Madalyne Gonzalez

What is happiness?

By: Madalyne Gonzalez


There are so many people who focus only on the negative

At moments, it gets kind of repetitive

When negativity is all that you see

You may say "Something always happens to me!"

But now it's time to take the time and view

And suddenly everything becomes new

What is happiness? You say?

Why, it happens every day!

Think of the warmth of the sun

Playing at the beach is so much fun

Think of cuddles from your dog

Don't think of the dreary fog

Think of the excitement of a theme park

Or the new aquarium with the really cool shark

Think of the warmth of coffee

And that panda that is just so chubby

Think of that person you love

Who's personality is more beautiful than a dove

Don't wallow in your stress

Instead think of your beautiful new dress

Oh this brings so much joy to me

Take a look closer, you will see

Here come's my kitty cat

It hardly gets better than that

Now let's read this exciting novel

There is no rime to grovel

Look beyond the horizon

It's the mood that we will lighten

Don't focus on sadness

Keep your happiness

Think about it every day

And the sadness will get further away

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