What Happens Before the Curtain Rises

Its opening night and I yell “15 Minutes ‘til places”

To my half-dressed half-painted actors in their dressing rooms.

Suddenly the race to get ready begins.

With actors throwing on costumes and reapplying lipstick,

My crew triple checking to make sure everything in pre-set,

And myself triple checking to make sure my crew didn’t miss anything

The show before the show has officially begun.


“10 minutes 'til places”

Actors jump and shake and try to release the butterflies trapped in their bellies

They stand in a circle and dance, chant, and sung the silly’s out

They take turns leading different pre-show warm-ups,

And as each actor begins a new warm-up the tension of awaiting audience eases.

As each actor begins a new warm-up the butterflies begin to calm down

We jump and dance until we become our own private show


“5 minutes ‘til places”

Everyone snaps back into reality

The butterflies start up again and a shot of adrenaline surges through everyone’s veins

Together the butterflies and adrenaline make the most intoxicating drug

With this devilish concoction coursing through our bloodstreams

We are ready to perform


“Places!” I yell.

Character shoes shuffle through the green room

Last minute hugs are quickly being thrown around along with “Break Legs” being whispered backstage

I sit backstage with my prompt book and reading light

As I flip open the book I look around to and wait until everyone is in place,

The call over the headset “Cue 1. Curtain. Go.”

The show begins and I couldn’t be happier


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