What Happened When You Left

I crashed into emptiness as I laid down

My mind rose to find I was asleep - trapped in myself with nowhere to go

My hands in my pockets, I walked along the road of memory looking for you

O how much I wanted to leave this cursed dream, but I knew I had to find you before I could escape

I came upon a door, one all too familiar, one belonging to you

The key to the end of it all was behind it and I knew I had to go on

I walk’d through and saw us

And it was all over

I often sit up in the hours that even God dare not disturb and think about that door

The door you closed on me forever ago

I wish I had stuck my foot in the frame and call’d out ‘wait’

Or at least tried to jiggle the handle before time and dread threw the deadbolt

I miss you, and everything in my life is a constant reminder that you don’t care about me-

Did you ever?

I dream of opening that door so frequent that it pains me to wake

Please think of our time fondly, don’t let your memories change

Don’t let yours be seen with hatred or regret - just as mine are tinted bittersweet

One of us needs to remember them clearly, if for no other reason than sentiment

I’m sorry those memories and the hopes of more weren’t strong enough a hold

But the door stop didn’t slip over time, you closed it. Even if you were asked or pushed...

You were the one who closed it. You needed the last word.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


Corrie Pearson

Good poem I enjoyed reading it!

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