What happened to that girl?

(poems go here) What happened to that girl who was so quiet and so
meek, although she was young she was very very sweet.
I saw her at church her family knew mine, and she had
a sister who was just as kind. Wha happened to that
girl who stopped coming to church, she just up and
left leaving everyone hurt. What's happening to that
girl I just saw her today, haven't seen her in years
and she's changed in every way. Her atitude is
defensive, her mouth is runnin' wild, what happened to
that girl I knew as a child. I reached out my hand she
looks at it and stares, what's wrong with you girl
don't know that I care. Your caught in your hole your
stuck in a pit, take my hand i'm trying to pull you
out of this shit. What happened to that girl that I
once knew, What's happeningto that girl the rumors
can't be true. What will happen to that girl, hmph, I
can't say, but next time I see her I hope she looks
better than she did today.



I wrote this poem about a girl in my high school, she had been having a rough life lately and this was how I wanted to respond in my own words.

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