What Happened to Barbie?

What happened to playing Barbie's?
Have the girls of my class fallen that low?
To not think of when they played with dolls?

Instead of dressing up as princesses
The girls of our time now dress themselves down
Just to get a"Ken" to call them back

Once we all looked up to Barbie
Because she could be anything she wanted
Now these same girls drop out of school

I remember when we all wanted pregnant Barbie
Just because she came with a baby and a ring
Girls of today will settle for an infant

So many memories of playing house
No matter how long we played, Barbie didn't care
But girls my age are stuck with taking care of their growing families

Girls, why have you stopped being innocent?
Did I not get the memo?
What happened to Barbie?


Shaynah Woody

I looked around my school one day and realized what had become of the girls I used to play with. They were all pregnant or had been. I dunno why this happens but I really miss the simpler times when we were content playing with Barbie's. When I look at my little niece playing with my old ones, I hope she stays that innocent for a very long time.


makes one question if it was the Barbie in the first place, That the girls are becoming Barbies......


But it is also society as well.....sigh.


But I remember playing with dolls, I am not sure why maybe it is about "Practice" they say, or being part of the big worl.... They seem harmless, ( mind you I never playe with Barbie unless making fun of her) but I have seen girls more than boys trying to become  women quicker and quicker which is scary. Little girl days was so fun.


Are you a feminist? Cause you seem really cool!

Shaynah Woody

haha not a feminist cuz i don't like fixing things. I need a guy for a lot of stuff I don't want to do but thank you so much for your comments I really appreciate them :)

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