What Happened?



laughter in nonsense

no worries or regretfulness

a blink of an eye

three words later


weeping in shame

sadness in fears

worries and second guesses

in ugliness there's beauty

who cares

brains prevails

since when

there is only one you

that explains it

i'm fine

thoughts race faster

than i can reach my room

with a slam the world is gone

something snaps

and glimmers

no thoughts just coldness

low pain tolerance

so i have to accomandate

choking on a t-shirt

to muffle screams filled with hate

one, two, three slashes


four, five, six, seven

entering a safe haven

admire my work

blood runs with my thoughts


all of a sudden

reality comes crashing

a few frantic screams

and a phone call

ring ring nothing 

this is last resort

mother nature gift

proposes an excuse

acetaminophen with ibuprofen

brings a different relief

two handfuls

to one mouthful

ring ring ring

nameless answer



smiles through the phone

hopes to see tomorrow

one mouthful

to one handful saved for now

only for now


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