What Happen To Love

What Happen To Love 
I put our love first
and now I get Hurt 
abused with your Lies 
Don't come to me with 
fake cries 
I gave him my heart 
He to a man of knowledge 
but not the kind I need  
Sometimes he works over 
time playing on me 
I given him a piece of my
mind that made him unwind 
too the crazy side 
He walked over an gave me 
a death kiss and I given 
him one back and mine sting
like black bumble bee's 
Boy he was stinging in me
heat running around like 
a broken down clown 
Who ever said a woman can't
get even you must not be 
All my strength I need is 
to achieve what I got started
and that will not be broken
heart'ed .
Lilly Emery 


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