What Grows Evil?

I've heard that a man shot another,

a woman was raped,

a village was bombed, 

a house was robbed.

I've seen a girl insult another,

a man steal from his brother,

a woman spit at someone,

a man kick a dog.

I know that there have been mass murders,

that human trafficking exists,

than child abuse is abundant, 

and that hate crimes occur often.

And I hear and see and know...

but I never understand.

When did he change from a boy to a killer?

What made him want to strip a woman of her security?

How could they drop the bomb and walk away?

What made you feel comfortable with taking from someone else?

How could you use words to hurt and not feel guilt?

Why did loyalty become not a priority?

How could you treat someone with so much disrespect?

What made you become so hateful that you could hurt the innocent?

Who could sleep at night knowing they had destroyed so many lives?

What made you lose your conscience to the point that you could treat people as objects?

How could you be so angry as to hurt your baby?

Where did your bias foster into hatred?

Why? Where? How? When?

Evil and hatred.

Cruelty and wickedness.

I myself don't believe in a man with horns, servants by his side, poisioning lives.

So where did the hatred sprout from?

Love thrown in the trunk and Evil in the front seat.

Where did everything fall apart?

At the hands of your parents? Through the loss of another?

I reject that all these people were born this way, 

as children we all seem the same.

Eager to learn and love, desiring comfort and protection.

Going from being scared of monsters under the bed, to monsters themselves?

Innocence leaves, but why must love, compassion, care, forgiveness, trust, warmth go with it.

I can't seem to find an answer and I think I never will.

For as long as I chose to live life with love, how could I ever understand or comprehend such pure hate.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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