What Goes in My Mind


United States
39° 49' 44.0292" N, 75° 26' 25.0764" W

Although I always seem super happy when I’m at my school
Just to play friendship with all those stupid fools
What goes in my mind should never be tell
Or else I’ll set my seal and go straight to hell
Those who make fun of others just for who they are
Should pay some type of punishment and get hit by a car
Divisions in my school just for class, looks and wealth
Make me truly think of how they play it with their mental health
Then you see me the neutral kid in all this hot spots
Not belonging in one group, but all is where a plot
Being unique with all types of personalities
Just to make every kid back at school not feel the abnormalities
So call me a hero or even a tool
I’m just playing friendship with all these stupid fools

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