What Friends Are For

I see you cry.
You sob and you hold onto me.
Your hair is matted and tangled.
And you cry.

Your body shakes
With sobs that don't seem to stop.
Your hands wrap around me tightly
And you cry.

I've always been your rock, your friend.
But this time I don't know what to say.
Your voice is raw from your sobs.
And you cry.

Love is hard.
Life is hard.
But that's what friends are for.
I hold onto you as you cry.

Your hands tighten around mine.
You feel alone and helpless.
You face problems that I never have.
And you cry.

You see me and my family.
And wonder "why can't that be me?"
You tell me this through tears.
As you cry.

I hold you like I would my daughter.
Even though you're older than me.
We clutch onto each other as the tears fall like rain.
And we cry.

I don't know what to say.
I can't say anything.
But you cry.
And I cry with you.
And that is enough.


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