What Everyone Really Wants To Say To Their Teacher

Chased down the halls,

Laughter pounding your ears.

Kids yelling names your way.

As you run, you grow smaller. 


Find your favorite teacher.

Plead for help,

Feel the tears threaten to fall and your throat choking up.

Your teacher turns and there's a blind face.

No help at all.

The names calling sounds like it's close behind. 

It's closer and closer.

You run,

Try to find an escape.

Come upon more teachers,

All just dissapear as you catch them.

The laughter becomes louder. 

You run and cry,

Not able to breath anymore. 

You trip.


The sounds surround you. 

No one is there. 

No help. 

You plead and cry for help.

No help,

You scream for help,

Trying to escape from the circle of laughter.

No help.

Try harder and harder to find help.

No help.

You find no escape. 

No help.

You choke on it all.

No help...

You soffocate. 

No help...

You're gone.

No one helped...


Stop and listen for once. 



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