What Education is Worth

Education now and days you’re so overlooked.

For everything about you is something out of a science fiction book.

You bare new wonders for me to learn that always seem to intrigue.

It’s even more that you don’t charge a fee.

Isn’t Education a wonderful thing?


From the plays of Othello to the novels of Mark Twain.

All of which are inspirational but where is their fame?

We’ve all benefited from the ideas of modern day writers.

In a world filled with technology the past seems to be behind us.

Isn’t Education a wonderful thing?


Why is it I can never get enough of you?

Always studying and always working on something new.

You’re something I’ll always need.

Like a spiders delicate web you’re something special to me.

Isn’t Education a wonderful thing?


Education raised this bright young man to what he is today.

I’m blessed that god has blessed me to learn another day.

I learn for my family as well as myself.

I’ve taken the cards and used the hands I’ve been dealt.

Isn’t Education a wonderful thing?


As Edward Bulwer once said the pen is mightier than the sword.

But I believe this is but a perspective.

Depending on who wields which will show a true objective.

A life to write or a life to fight.

Regardless of the two the pen holds more might.

Isn’t Education a wonderful thing?


You’ll always go as far as you allow yourself too.

Because no one can tell you what you can of cant do.

So live life to the fullest and make something new.

Because education is a powerful tool.

Isn’t Education a wonderful thing?


My lines are typed and clear to see.

Shown to all who choose to read.

I may detour and I may persuade.

But I ask you to ask yourself this today.

Isn’t Education a wonderful thing?

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