What education means to me


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What education means to me

It means to me a chance at a better life
It means to me a greater chance at substantial success
It means to me a chance at beginning my dream career
That dream being to be involved in one of the government’s key agencies
These agencies being those that support the President
For he is someone that still wants to better our country just because some things are improved does not mean that all is better for our great nation
Our nation is suffering, Our people are crying, Our money is shrinking, Our time is fading
With all these problems in the world it is now more important for people to have an education
Therefore with a greater and higher education, one can do more to better this nation
One can do more to give themselves the greatest of material, residential and financial resources
One can be a better leader to their people
One can be a better parent to their children, If they are blessed enough to have any in the first place
Even without one having children of their own having a greater education will still allow someone to better help another person in life then those without it
With all this said I am proud to say that education means a lot to me
It means a lot to me because I am a student
It means a lot to me because soon I will be finished in terms of receiving my higher education
It means a lot to me because I am a female
Since I am a female I know that this opportunity was not always granted to people of my gender otherwise known as my sex
Since I am a minority I know that this opportunity was brutally fought for and because this opportunity was brutally fought for I do all I can to ensure that I succeed in gaining my education
Why because my people need it
Why because my family needs it
Even more importantly because I need it to in order to further maintain my potential of gaining the highest level of ultimate success that I ever so desire…The End



I wrote this from my heart because I take my education seriously and I hope the people of your organization can see the true passion and seriousness tat I have for my Life and Education through my Poem, Thank you for the Opportunity.

Katherine Martina

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