What Dreams Can Bring

What Dreams Can Bring 

Wild wind's blown my way with love and hate 
The stain of love is up on the world ! 
Bring me the sunset in a cup of your love , 
Take all this hate and blow it away . 
My heart open the curtains to a new day; 
For love to make way for better day's 
I might set by my window just to see the beauty 
Of the night with you in mind . 
You are the man of many dreams

in my eyes I  see you looking back at me why I dream . 
sunsets of sweet love ,

For all the world to see. 
You standing by me . 
Bring me all the moonlight and all the stars in the 
Midnight sky , listen to my heart . 
Who carved my heart to the making of love ; 
Come quickly and dance with me why the moon is shine bright, 
For love to come to mind , 
These blossoms of love comes from all around us don't you see 
What love in a dream can bring ! 
The world has its beauty as a sheen of dew on a morning flower  
Your heart I desire like a burning fire .  

Poetic Lilly Emery (c)


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