What does "America First" mean?


United States
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Donald Trump plans on putting "America First."

It seems like that could succeed.

Depending first, on what "America First" means

and exactly what is guaranteed.

"America First" would mean supplying our people

with the healthcare they need.

"America First" would mean that the Secretary of Education 

would want to teach people to read.

"America First" would mean caring about our people

and not feeding into his friend's greed.

"America First" would mean acceptance of all people

no matter their orientation, color, or creed.

"America First" would mean cops would protect the people

not be the reason the bleed.

"America First" would mean that he would listen to the people

especially if, with all of his opinions, they disagreed.

"America First" would mean Trump would not abuse his power

and with it he would not mislead.

if this is what "America First" means, then we the people

shall have a pleasant next four years indeed.


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My community
My country
Our world
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quick correction from the writer:

"not be the reason THEY bleed" but you already probably knew that


Amazing writing, I loved every second of it, it was very powerful. 

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