What does alcohol mean too me?


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Your question is what does alcohol mean to me?

Im willing to risk my families sanity

Acting stupid drinking and driving with no regard for Humanity

what does alcohol mean to me?

not caring if my family begs me to stop drinking, holding my hand and crying a both knees

passed out with an empty bottle in my hand is where I wanna be

now what does alcohol mean to you?

disappointment and fear of things I have done and will continue to do

avoid parties at the house because getting too damn drunk is something I always do

Bow your head in shame as people laugh at me when I jump around acting like a fucking kangaroo

While my life is going to shit you ask how I can stay so calm

how can you sit there and smile sipping on the poison that's glued to your palm

my baby sister is crying JT if you keep drinking you're going to end up dead just like Mom

now if you ask me that same question today, what does alcohol mean to me?

I look at you & smile replace a word alcohol with sober, that's what the question should be

what does Being Sober mean to me?

I'm telling you me being sober is the only future I see

I don't want my kids growing up Aydenn telling Jack, yeah that's the kind of father I don't want to be

there are much more important things in life than that poison in a bottle

shit, now I'm sober I'm attacking life, pedal-to-the-metal full fucking throttle

I miss my mom I think about her everyday

best way to make her proud of me is being sober, I mean that's the only fucking way

me having a problem something I will no longer hide

thank you guys so much for the support and staying by my side

I'm sorry for the heartaches and worried nights.......I love you guys

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