What Do You See?

What do you see when you look at me?

I’m just a black man on the stage reciting poetry?

Well, I’m stirring up the pot of the appropriation of blackness

So don’t you ever try to define me

I’m trying to start a movement, that’s my mindset

I’m feeling elevated, like a pilot

Solomon McBride, a name that will forever ring

Everybody just hasn’t dialed yet

I’m chosen, well-spoken, with intellect

Taking doses of this life that’s prescribed for me

I’m the echo of freedom and fruition

And the product of success and revolution

In an effort to change the zeitgeist, I must perfect my eyesight

To correct my awareness, in an effort of preparedness

To tap into the potential that’s growing inside me day by day

Hour by hour, resembling the flower in your neighbor’s garden during summertime

Blind to the constant negativity and efforts by others for me to succumb

Letting the steps I must take represent my cleanest suit, because this is my date with destiny

And she’s looking rather appealing, she testing me, making me examine how I’m going to get her

Not if, see my persistence helps me thrive in this existence, get it?

Well, maybe you don’t

To be successful is a question of when, it’s never been won’t

Taking risks are scary, and you very well could drown

But you could very well float

No struggle no progress, in the words of Mr. Douglass

If it doesn’t require hard work, then it probably isn’t worth it

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