What Do You Do?

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 14:10 -- LewisWE

A infant mind is on the playground.

But a big boss of its kind is on it like a hound.

The beast grabs the child and takes its lunch money.

The child let tears go down its face all runny.

Meanwhile, you are in the shadows, scared stiffed.

What do you do?

The big boy moves on to the classroom.

When he enters, it is filled with fear and doom.

He makes fun of everyone and everything.

He even pointed out the music teacher when she sings.

Meanwhile, you are going home, trying to avoid it all.

What do you do?

It is time to make a stand, do something right.

We can't let the bullies reign in their might.

Time is now if we want their fall.

'Cause bullies just want to have it all.

Besides, if you were being bullied, you would want someone there for you, too.

You can bring them down, maybe get the bully sued.

It's not fair the way bullies do it.

All bullies want to do is push and shove until they want what they get.

It's time to make a stand

Time to toss the bullies in a can

Just imagine if you saw someone being bullied

What do you do?




It was a cause that needed to talked about.  There are a lot of bullies out there and needed to be stop.

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