What Curtain!


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41° 26' 2.148" N, 81° 31' 55.974" W
United States
41° 26' 2.148" N, 81° 31' 55.974" W

Mac studio fix foundation, with a thin line of black liner
Can't forget about the concealer under the eye
Let's not show those bags
From math problem stress
How about the perfectly contoured nose/check bones?
Exactly who am she?
If it rains on her face who will she be that day?
Is it personality 1?
The one that's the most outgoing to unknown people.
Personality 2?
She boils with anger the second loved ones speak.
How about personality 3?
Three strikes you are out!
She truly wonders...
Who is she putting on for?
Standing ovation all behind that curtain
Or maybe it's stronger than that
A pad locked door
Maybe she's hiding from herself.
You ask
What's preventing her from pulling that curtain?
Why can't she be herself?
I will admit
I don't know what "myself" is.
You know nothing when you don't know yourself.
But God forbid the rain ever washing my makeup away!
Everyone meets personality 3.
Hey, maybe that's me!


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