What the Crayon Box taught me

If I told you how I learned about color would you laugh? I learned that red is the color of love, of passion, of fire, of courage. I learned that blue is the color of patience, of calm, of water, of the meek. I learned that green is the color of joy, of curiosity, of trees, of happiness. I learned that yellow is the color of intelligence, of wealth, of dandelions, of shyness. I learned that pink is the color of sweetness, of cuteness,  of snarkyness, of frosting. I learned that purple is the color of royalty, of pride, of flowers, of rarity. I learned that orange is the color of fame, of jeoulesy, of oranges,of orange juice. I learned that gray is the color of boredom, of wisdom, of rainclouds, of insight. I learned that white is the color of health, of greed, of eggs, of cunning. I learned that black is the color of fear, of strength, of night, of loyalty.         That's what the Crayon Box taught me.  


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