What Could Be

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 18:12 -- EWebbW


What could the world be, if it were up to me?

A neverceasing green, full of lakes and streams?

No sad tears and no angry frowns,

No warring nations and no frightening sounds

A world without hunger, a world without strife

A world without darkness, a world full of light

Nations with no fences, no boundaries, no gates

Nations with bridges, long roads, and no hate

People who laugh, and dance, and sing

People who are not vile, nor cruel, nor mean

But such a world seems so hard to make

What if I go wrong, what if I make a mistake?

I must be ready to fail if I ever get started

I must give it my all, I must be good-hearted

Books are my weapons and knowledge, my supplies

I'll step into the world, with them as my guide

What could the world be, if it were up to me?

I guess I'll find out, I will find what could be



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