what comes with being a teenager


El Paso
12139 Yvonne Richardson
United States
31° 46' 54.8904" N, 106° 16' 23.4552" W

The past year has been a tornado of new and old feelings.

I have learned lessons and matured because life decisions make you.

I dream of being happy in life but sometimes its not an easy route.

I still struggle, but i try my hardest to be someone in life,

When i am old and look back at all the years, i want to feel proud.

I can't say i am the strongest person because i have cried so many times of things or people that

have hurt me in some way, But i still get back up without anyone's help.

I am dreamer, i dream of  accomplishing things that make me happy, touch my heart.

Some people may find them not important but to me they are, like meeting someone that inspires me,

going to a concert of a band i love, because the little things matter in life, they make you happy and that

is all that matters.

I have the worries of university and being an adult.

I am still growing up, i need encouragement not people who bring me down daily.

I only have 1 life and i am not waisting it, i will do what i love, love whoever i want.

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