What is Civil Rights, ?


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Civil Rights, an act to be free
when all around segregation we see
Disrespect, no justice all the time
Segregation, a worldly crime

Segregation towards groups of people at most
Pain and disrespect from coast to coast
killing just because of the colour of skin
Killing and killing the ultimate sin.

All people are equal someone once said
but now the so called equals have fled
if all of us are equal then why do we fight
beating and disrespect all through the day and night

They don`t deserve it what have they done
we fight them and think we have won
let`s stop the death, the disrespect, it all
for if we don`t this world surly will fall.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i sympathize with you regarding the struggles of today
racism and segregation was soemthing color ppl fought for in pursuing equality
in this day in age, ppl are killing ppl-senseless
an idea would be to create an open mic event that reflects this topic

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