What Changed?

365 days came and went,

all holding something for me to unfold each day.

All containing smiles, laughs, and tears,

yet they changed over the course of those 365 days.

My smile shone brighter.

My laugh rang louder through the air.

But tears still poured.

The tally marks were drawn on my heart,

as death after death lingered.

The number of phone calls grew,

as bad news seeped through the phone.

A cancer cell, a noose, mere old age...

all occured in less than 5 months.

Even still,

the smiles and laughs piled up.

A Homecoming crown for my head

A boyfriend who is my best friend, 

and who loves me for me.

Soon, a new sister.

These all sound like normal occurences that happen,

inevitable things: life's ups and downs.

But how did all of these change me?

The passion of happiness, of laughter, of tears.

I embrace each more seriously.

I take advantage of the happy moments more,

and live in the moment of those that bring sadness, no longer dwelling on them.

My passion for life grew.

And as the next 365 days go by, 

I can only hope for it to grow more.


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