What Can't I Say To The Everyday Trunchbull


What can't I say to my teacher?
​I can say everything.
But I don't.

I come to school for an education, yet am urged to communicate with more than the other students; even to do more with my own self
"Talk with your teacher"  my mother coaxes.
"Class is so much easier if you chill a little bit with your teacher afterschool," my delinquent friend informs me.
"Get to know me! I don't bite." My teacher smiles a toothy grin.
Tell me; How can I be willing to connect with a being that is legally responsible for spealing anything I say that doesn't have a positive tone to authorities?
It's scary.

Why is it that a student like me
Participating in clubs, sports, and extracurricular activies
Must stress to finish my project in less than two days
When my teacher grades it in ten?

I am afraid to tell my mother that I am too sick to go to school
I am aware that she will yell at me
She will distrust my word and snarl at me for being sick simply because I will miss school
One day of school.
Just one day of school.

And when I return to the ol' brick dome my teacher will ask me why I was absent and I will tell them
Then I will recieve the classic eyeball roll and a snarky, "You were absent because of that?" or "Too bad. You should have been in class that day."
I know.
I'm trying.

Nothing needs to be said for we, the students, to feel punished for being human.
It's scary.


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