What Can I Say?


school....teachers...what can I really say?

just the feeling of having commission w/no repitition 

sitting in class, clock watching, pencils tapping tight tension

teacher, teacher why do you make it so hard?

why do you push us and give so many lectures and lessons?

why is there so much homework over the weekend?

last I checked the week has end! 

but you still give work...work and MORE work

keeps us on our toes for what we've learned and what's comming up

but the more work you give the more we burn up

stressful, hard, nerve racking teacher...what more can I say?

Your lifestyle is involved in work seem like....

your lifestyle is making our lifestyle more of a job than a style,

a style that expresses who we are and why we do what we do

why we are who we are, but.....you change us.

teacher, teacher what can I say?

I can say...I know why you do what you do! 

you do it because YOU know we have potential and what we're all capable of!

you know what it takes to push us to learn and get out of the slumps

to equip us w/the knowledge it takes to move on and do something....ANYTHING

w/our lives! You see little scientists and presidents in every last one of us!

You know what is needed to motivate us into the right direction of success

you can SEE the narrow path and the solution we need to go down the yellow brick road!

so....teacher, teacher what can I say? I can say a million and one things but none of it will compare to...

thank you.....for everything


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