What Brought Her Here

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 12:21 -- cmarie


What brought her here - a disguised affliction,

The man who betrayed her was her love addicton.


What other options had she now?

She'd get an abortion, she said aloud.


Now at the clinic dressed in silence,

The doctor was soothing, as he belittled the violence.


She sat in the waiting room, calm and collected,

until she walked to the small room where she was directed.


Sharp tools and gadgets filled the tray,

"I want to leave but I have to stay",


The scene was bloody, another Golgatha

She heard the skull crack, oh, maranatha!


She began to weep and wallow in sadness.

Then, an unexpected peace filled her with gladness.


For though hypocrytes would throw their stones,

She felt His love deep in her bones.


No sin too great

Could determine her fate.


He loved her just the same as before

And despite her past, blessed her all the more.


So, I ask, drop your stones.

Disciple His love, make atones.


For love speaks louder

And cruel judgements cower.


We are called to unconditional love

By He who first loved us from above.



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