Is it The way I sway my hips to the beat of promiscuity .
Is it how I flip my half shaven head with pride.
Is it the confidence in my walk boobs up Broad shoulders Back & Head Held High.
What is beauty.
Is it the way I wonder why my Skintone on my face doesn't match.
The bumps on my face.
The fat glued to my waist.
The feeling of not fitting in ?
My outer appearance isn't pleasing through the eyes that I see.
What is Beauty ?
My Ability to be myself and not care what someone assumes.
My confidence to speak my mind
My honor to have flaws and embrace them.
My Love To be poetic .
My passion to be creative
What is beauty you ask ?
Beauty is only Skin Deep for most.
Yearn To Have A Beautiful Soul .


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