What is Awesome?

What is awesome?

Is it that Cherry Blossom Tree you planted last year?

Well it has finally bloomed!

Or maybe it is the sunny day

After your lonely night was filled with gloom.

The world if filled with beauty

You get a new chance every day.

The world is filled with forgiveness,

Even if you don’t think this particular way.

What is awesome?

Is it your child’s radiant smile after you tickle his feet?

Perhaps it is the nap you just took after long nights of no sleep.

Beauty is different for all

For it is present only in the eye of the beholder.

The view of the world various from person to person

There is no particular answer.

Everything is awesome

For you are breathing

If you view everything as an opportunity

And realize your life has meaning

Then you will realize that it is merely awesome to just be alive.

Furthermore, this should make you want to strive.





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