What Art Thou Love

I was an angel, fallen and scared

I found you who sewed my wings again

I hesitate to look in your eyes, for I would never know when to stop.

Your eyes were my starts that guided me through the dark sky.

Your hands were my wings that lifted me high.

Without you, I am nothing, but a demon in disguise.

You said you loved, but I did not know what that meant.

Because I was an angel and I thought that love meant hope. 

But now I know what love is, and where it comes from.

It is a promise to be one.

It is a promise to be kind.

It is a secret to the heart but an anchor to the soul.

Because I love you, I will not die.

Because I love you, I will hold on to the memories of you and I, in the big oak tree singing like we were somebody.

But what art thou love when love does not know who it is.

What art thou love when brother and sisters fight.

Love is hate that becomes love when it meets the horizon with forgiveness.

I love you not because of your looks, or achievements.

I love you because you took your time to know me.

TO know us when "us" did not exist.

Love is scared to be alone that is why I will love you for all my life.

Because I love, we will never be apart because it is the blue tie to be one and create one.

Where are thou love Romeo, one might say.

Love lives in our heart and that is why our heart is beating.

Without the beat, then we would be nobody.

I love you because you keep me alive and to live every day

is a chance to a better life.

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