What are we without each other?

are we the same person?

are we different?

do we want to find out?

do we dare?


What am I without him?

i am freedom

i am life

i am happy


What should I be without him?

i should be sadness and sorrow

i should be pain and hurt

but im not


he means the world to me

i care the world for him

but i want him gone

...in any way possible


call me hateful





but after what ive put up with

year after year

counting 16 now

you would want him gone too


he is my life

my light

my soul

my greatest and one true friend


but i want him gone

but i want him gone

but i want him gone



i cant stand his actions anymore

i cant stand how he looks at me anymore

i cant stand what he does to me anymore

i cant stand how he makes me feel anymore


not love

not happy

not life

not joy


he makes me hate myself

for lying to him

for not speaking my mind

for not telling the truth


but im reaching the end

im reaching my breaking point

i want him gone

...and honestly...i dont care what it takes


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