What are Angels ?

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 04:02 -- OTO2013


We are God's Angels from our first breath,
Tiny miracles in our eyes,
Angels in disguise,
Strenght unknown
Love instantly felt
We may have to say goodbye
With their Angel wings we see them fly
One priceless day we will see them again
Mother, son or best friend
We will all hold eachother again
But until then I will b thankful
I have the best angels watching over me
Without them I would not b here
I would not b the strong women mother I am
I have my weakness
With that comes eternal true love
And forgiveness
My angels give me guidance 
I have no hate
My heart offers nothin but tenderness 
I hurt more for others than myself
I care more for others than myself
Thank God for the love n protectiveness of my Angels
They give me all the love I lack for myself

Watching our love ones leave us
Brakes us
Also makes us stronguer
Makes our love last forever
Never will we cause pain or tear to another
God says love one another
He's lovin my Angels
Till we meet again I will live by his wishes 

RIP love n mis all my Angels
Pep+Mem LeB ~ Mame Doiron ~ Mame LeBlanc ~ Jason ~ Justin ~ Brinna ~ JF ~ Pepere Poc Poc




Written by me Debbie


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