what is America ?

Life is difficult itself.

expecting for a better future

Maybe for our kids... our siblings... our parents. 

The trees are on fire 

families broken 

swings on the border 

the wind blowing agaisnt the girls hair 

Love is being confused

not knowing what life is holding  

what can it be ? 

the law? 

or racism ? 

tears are flowing on the children's face 

people are broken from the inside 

the sun shinning hard that makes your mouth dry in the desert 

The love is being broken 

just like the world. 

i asked myself what can i do 

besides being broken already. 

we all deserve the best 

what are we ?



or desperate to be one color? 

We can be orange , blue , green , or pink . 

does color matters? 

i remember when the declaration of independence was written 

we all the same .

I hope one day we all love each other 

Mexicans, puertoricans, cubans, salvadoreans are welcome. 

just like every race. 

People are suffering 

not only by being send to a different country 

but my the hatred people are creating

where's the happiness?

where is the love? 

Where does America stand ? 

We all deserve a future....



This poem is about: 
Our world


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