What Am I To You? By: Kayla Liggins


Who am I?

What am I to  you?

Do I have a title, a price tag , or a value?

Am I worth anything to you, or do you just use me?

To show off like some type of accessories?

Am I light enough, or is my skin to dark?

Does my light shine bright enough to set you apart far from the others?

Your always so quick into flipping the script, doing handstands and back flips, and using me to impress the next man.

Trying to make yourself seem more superior than me, but you are no better than I am.

You  try to prioritize your life, putting me in last place, but the last I heard was that your woman should always come first.

So I ask

who am I to you.

At least have  the decency to let me know.

Because there is a huge difference between being your woman and being your insignificant other.

And I refuse to belittle myself of anything less than what I was taught from my mother.

Because being a woman, being YOUR woman is one hell of a job and I don't appreciate being taken for granted.

So keep it real and stop being around the bush and tell what is the purpose of my presence in your life?


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