What am I that walks the earth?

I am probably death itself
I am probably going to kill everything in my path
I turn a mans red heart of kindness into a black hole of darkness
I see the blackness wrap itself around his heart
I see the red fusing to black
Then it's all black
I turn a man to stone
He was once a soul but now is gone
What am I that walks this earth?
Am I death itself?
Am I a disease that plagued every one I get close to?
Am I cold hearted walking down the path of destruction?
Who knows.
Maybe I am and just didn't know it when I was born.
But I know now that I am a soul killer
I kill any soul I get close to
Relationships go down the drain
I end up hurting the ones that get close to me
I show no emotion
Am I the devil walking the earth?
Is the devil inside of me and taking over my body?
Did I allow him to come in?
Am I a temptress?
Do I tempt men to their death?
What am I that walks the earth?


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