What am I a "Monster"

They didn't care.

Why should I?

I was lost in fair .

I remain the same.

Oh it came to soon

as the wolf howls at the moon.

Mother was displeased

as it goes for my nees ther're broken down.

they've lost there round.

The moment is gone.

You're never home.

I'm all alone. 

Sence the moment you left,

I did it for you.

Just look at my shoes,

The way the fit . 

My pant are all but rips.

I'm so alone just look at my bones their screaming for justice.

I'm waiting for you to save me from myself.

Where is my health?

Its forever in a dark place on a Sunday praying for the night end.

waking up with wip lash and slashes.

looking through the window and see stashes.

I want to fly she always says.

I want to die he always says.

No more tears. 

No more fears.

Life is real and

its a rolling wheel.






Poetry Slam: 


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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