What am I?

What am I?


Am I the sound of the keys tapping away?

Am I the sight for sore eyes?

Am I the voice that people long to hear?

Am I the smell someone wakes up to?

What am I?


Am I the person I dreamed of being?

Or, am I the person I dreaded being?

Maybe I am neither, but just a wisp in the wind.

What do I do, and who do I please?

What am I?


I look in the mirror, and see me.

But, what am I?

Am I the person who dreams high, but never delivers?

Am I the person who’s known to always let you down?

What am I?


I am what you would consider,

A natural at things such as glitter.

I am not one to forget the hardships of life.

I am into aquariums and the sea life.

That is what I am.


I am the one who stays up late,

To think about today's great debate.

I am interested in the world, and all of its problems.

I am the one who wants to find an end, to all of its problems.

That is what I am.


I am the train of positivity,

That chugs its way through, all the negativity.

I am one with few hobbies.

I am one who embraces those hobbies.

That is what I am.


That is what I am.

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