For What?


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I’ve spent my whole life being a goody-two-shoes… And for what?!
Every year, every assignment, every class, every grade
My parents demanded—it was an A that I made.
And for what?! For the praise? For the white robe? For the bragging rights? There’s no satisfaction in this!
Only regret for the chances I missed.
For the nights I could have enjoyed, the friendships and memories I could have built. But there I was, hunkered down under my quilt, diligently working on endless piles of work that the teachers had promised would be useful. And for what?! Their only answer was a mumble.
I’ve sacrificed my passions to the monotony of school.
What a fool!
They say school’s good for you… And for what?!
To steal your time, and invade your mind with things you don’t even care about?
See, if I could do it again, I wouldn’t make school about being successful, because success as defined by them doesn’t bring contentment—only contempt.
If I could do it again, I’d pursue my passions before the grade. I’d live my life for the purpose I was made.
For what I am is defined mostly by what I do. So, live passionately! For What? That’s up to you.


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