What’s the point

Why point ,

Why asked ,

Why act , 

Why lie ,

The point is I’m ova it all ,

Fuck love ,

Fuck you ,

Fuck you who don’t like me ,

Fuck you who look down on me ,

Fuck you who pray on my downfall, 

The point is I don’t care no more ,

The point ,

Y’all not better than me ,

Y’all story not different from mines ,

I know about the mud ,

I know what’s it like to have no support, 

I know what’s it like to be all alnoe in this world ,

I know what’s it’s like to love people & they do you dirty , 

I know what’s it like when somebody you taught was a friend switch ,

I’m from the juggle ,

Where I’m from everybody die everyday be ,

So what’s your point ,

Nobody did shit for me so what’s your point ,

Nobody gave me a hand out so what’s your point,

Nobody gave me nothing for free ,

So what’s really your point , 

You hate me cause I came up out the mud ,

You hate me cause I chase my dreams ,

That’s some off the wall shit ,

Stop hating & learn so you can have more than me ,

Don’t be like me ,

Be better than me ,

So what’s the point ,

I put you on ,

You stab me ,

No double looking , 

Once you cross me ,

That’s your ass ,

So what’s really the point !

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