Werid or Queer?

Mon, 07/11/2016 - 17:05 -- Abi_Am

The earth is shaking

Her legs are quaking

There is no mistaking

The end is near.

Cuz Life not safe

It's not perfect for a queer

The world is drinking from Jasmines ocean -Her essence is like a beer

Praying to be six feet under...I wonder why she's still here?

Is it's because she embraces death- Her life  holds no fear

But- One

Alone with a gun

shorten of breath she wonder who she runs from?

Who is the world?

If society is me.

Who holds the key to the shakles that sets my mind free?

I'm enslaved to a cave I made myself.

Like ploto allegory suggested I Gave them my eyes

so i am blind

I digested my mind

Cuz its infested with words

Projected by nerds

Afriad of my curves

and the power of my curiosity.

What's stopping ME.

Why do I take what the give

Letting Ideology and biology

enable me to live

All for what?

Not queer because what i Fuck

But because im against the thoughts that suck

Making little jasmine wanna press her luck

and remove the glue that  makes her stuck

to this world

That's why im up

She/he/ shim

I stand for them

So off With the head of jim crow legislation

Discrimnation because whose in our bed

The love that I fed

and the gender of my tempatation

So I'll march with my girlfriend

My boyfriend

My frog

I delcare love for all that's involed

The world has dissloved

Because history has evoled- open your eyes to the world were in. chains aren't just for melanin. I listen to the cry's cuz it's a sin to close my ears. Im tired of the shackles thats been on my mind and feet for years. Aren't you tired of the tears? Time to fight! I will fight for the freedom i belive is right and if i indulge i suppose God who knows- All.... will see. But if he loves me. Im liberatied and free.Even if" hell" is the place that i have to be. Summer never bothered me. Maybe he wont care he is the straightest relationship I have.

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My country
Our world
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