We're Okay

Mon, 03/17/2014 - 19:40 -- krae.97

I find it quite comical how easy it is for us to hide our feelings

How after awhile the phrase "I'm okay" doesn't seem like a lie anymore

The mask upon our faces 

Just becomes an extrea layer of skin


Don't hurt yourself trying to get us to help you to understand

It's not that simple

Besides after awhile it gets redundant trying to explain


Yes we're all in pain

"Why?", you asked

Well why does anyone hurt?

Because of the cards we've been dealt

Cause we've finally folded under pressure

Because everytime we move forward there'll always be someone there to fuck it up


Don't ask us what it is you can do to help

Because even if there were something you could do

We wouldn't tell you

Perhaps we sincerely want to let you in

But that's too much of a risk

If you do something for us,

then we're in debt to you


I'ts not that we don't like the idea of repaying you

It's that we wouldn't know how


So please do both of us a favor

Next time we tell you "I'm okay"

Whether it be a lie or not

Stop the million questions

Stop the urge to understand

Just let us by and off to continue our suffering


'Cause that's always so much easier

Then we won't have to bore you with our painful life story

And you won't have to regret trying to have us let you in



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