Were I'm From...is a long story...

I am from shadows of memories  

that stick like flies in webs. 

I’m from two strong parents, 

Both strong in different ways. 

Mom with her mind, getting her PhD  

and Dad lifting boxes every day. 

Both tasks I can assure you equally strenuous, 

But both handled it seemed with ease. 


I’m from one mistake to the next, 

From thinking that dinners were a science experiment 

To be watched with dispassionate intrigue. 

From thinking all the renaissance masters all knew each other and 

Got together just complained that they would soon be turned into turtles. 


I’m from watching cartoons whenever I could and whenever I couldn’t

From watching Free Willy and being horrified by the parents arguing. 

Watching Littlefoot call for his mother. 

Working up the nerve to ask my crush, 

And being crushed by my first disappointment. 


I am from many places,  

What I am not from is darkness, 

 And yet… 

And yet… 

And yet… 


This poem is about: 
My family


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