We're Goin' Out To War


We're goin' out to war, they say,

To fight the Vietcong.

We're goin out to die today

So we can get along.


We're goin' out with honor,

To search and to destroy,

We're goin' out in horror

War is not a toy.


We need to do all that's right

For everyone back home.

To the point of a firefight,

We will earn our freedom.


What the point of war, again?

To kill or be killed.

With artillery overhead bangin',

Tets happenin', Westmoreland.


It's all nearly over, they say:

MLK and JFK are dead.

What should we even do, today?

Let's just stay in bed.


Back home, we know you hate us,

you have your “principles”.

Though war is not prestigious

You couldn't support us less.


Through Nixon’s Vietnamization,

and as the stalemate goes,

we tried to stop Communism,

and the falling dominoes.


So come and do your duty:

Serve your country and Saigon.

Defeat Ho Chi Mihn's army

Press on, and press on.  

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