I wake up at Midnight and the Moon is full.

No one else is awake, they're sleeping like the dead.

But there's a horrible throbbing in my skull,

and when I look in the mirror: my nose is red!

I'm the Were-Clown, who's a hideous ghoul.

Human by day, becomes Clown by night.

My sense of humor is vicious and cruel,

so kiddies, don't turn off that light.

I'm the Were-Clown, and my rainbow wig is real.

I don't need to put on makeup. I can just grow it!

Cotton candy and brains are my favorite meal

And if I'm stalking you, you won't even know it.


Anna Banana

This is a poem about a human who is similar to a werewolf, but morphs into an evil clown during a full moon instead of a wolf. Definately creepy, but not to the point where it's NSFW (not safe for work.) What's not to like about that?

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